Best Places to Dance in Orlando

Holidays in Orlando can be a complete pleasure during the day, as well as at night. Just like Disney World has a Pleasure Island entertainment complex, Universal Studios has a CityWalk space that has nightclubs with music entertainment such as Jimmy Buffett, Motown, Bob Marley, rock, dance, piano and Latin beats Before it should be noted that the City Walk is not just an easy answer to the island of Disney’s pleasure. There are various considerations when planning a vacation in Orlando among them – the decision to use Enterprise Orlando airport number to rent a car while visiting these dancing places.

BET Soundstage Club

This club is where you will find collections such as old school melodies, R & B, hip-hop and reggae. Network BET Cable Network inspired the music programs of this club. On the waterfront terrace, guests can enjoy Caribbean dishes.

Mannequins Dance Palace

One of the most famous dance clubs PI, Mannequins Dance Palace presents the latest popular dance music, as well as colorful lighting and great sound. Everyone comes here to experience the dance floor, moving in rhythm with the air.

The Groove

It’s a dance club, popular with locals and tourists. It seems that the theater at the end of the century turned into a nightclub. He has popular dance music and is especially attractive at the age of 30.

Pat O’Brien

This club is based on the original of Pat O’Brien in New Orleans. The exterior reproduces the original, and on the patio from the rear, you will find a sign fountain of fire and water. There are two inner bars, one with dueling pianos. Be careful when selecting their strong hurricane drink, which includes four ounces of rum.


During the week, this place is a comedy club, and on Friday and Saturday night it’s a jazz club. There is a montage of jazz stars filling the wall and showcases with jazz memorabilia.

Red Coconut Club

It is one of the busiest clubs in Orlando. If you decide to visit the red coconut, suggest that you dress up a step or two above the standard clothes, because you will feel a little bit short of sandals and shorts CityWalk does not have an entry fee, although some clubs may charge a fee for coverage. Visitors can purchase a club key, giving access to all sites.

Dragon Cocktail Shop

Located in the entertainment district of Orlando, this magnificent chic and richly decorated nightclub will not disappoint anyone. Dragon Room is specifically designed for young people and students at the University of Central Florida. Funny dances, incredible DJs and hip-hop jams are waiting for Dragon Room guests. In this place, there is a bar, where excellent cocktails are served, which guests can enjoy by ripping a dance floor or sitting in the living room. Ladies will surely love the famous Fridays when they can get free drinks until midnight. On Saturdays, new promotions for the sale of beverages are also held. Beware of celebrities who occasionally decorate the dance floor and bar.

Other places:

  • Tabu Nightclub
  • Pulse
  • Firestone Live