Urban life can be overwhelming, especially if you live in metropolitan cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago or Houston. In this case, the first thing that comes to your mind is to go for a trip to take a break from this busy life schedule. On top of that, this trip would be way better if you travel with your sweetheart. Luckily, there are countless romantic cities, towns and other destinations that offer you an amazing romantic holiday. Here are some of the best places for a romantic trip in USA.


1San Francisco, California

San Francisco is the city of romance, as not only the citizens but also many directors and screenwriters are amazed and inspired by its romantic atmosphere, and for this reason, many romantic movies are set in this lovely city.

Things to do in SF with your lover:

·    Walking over The Golden Gate Bridge and enjoying breathtaking view

·    Walking along the Garden of Shakespeares Flowers and admiring the scenery

2Providence, Rhode Island

Providence is a city with a beautiful, vibrant and unique atmosphere. You and your sweetheart will love this city for its sweet architecture romantic aura.

Things to do in Providence with your lover:

·    Attending festivals such as WaterFire festival in summer

·    Taking a walk in Waterplace Park to relax

3Eugene, Oregon

Eugene can be the best option for you if youre looking for a cute place that isnt crowded by tourist. Moreover, Eugene is home to many wineries that produce some of the famous wine brands like Pinot Noir.

Things to do in Eugene with your lover:

·    Enjoying the wine and beer from lots of wineries and breweries in the city

·    Watching the scenery of waterfalls and swimming in a hot spring.

4Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston has a warm, lively and romantic atmosphere, similar to a Spanish town. You can enjoy your romantic holiday in Charleston in both day and night as this city never sleeps!

Things to do in Charleston with your lover:

·    Exploring the streets with horsedrawn carriages

·    Enjoying the antebellum architecture

5Solvang, California

If you want to try something new, Solvang is the best place. Solvang is a Danish village and 45 minutes away from Santa Barbara. Due to its charming look, its a popular destination for tourists. Enjoy the beautiful windmills along the village with your sweetheart!

Car Rental Underage

Youre young, in love and want to have an unforgettable romantic trip. With this reason, you want to rent a car for your travels. Yet, the problem is, you are underage for a car rental. Fortunately, its not impossible to rent a car if youre young. A few years back, almost no car rental companies allowed people under 25 to rent a car. This is because the most rental car accidents happen with the drivers under 25. However, nowadays, this application is more flexible. Many companies allow for drivers from 21 to 24 to rent a car. However, with a restriction: they must pay a daily surcharge (Young Driver Fee Under 25) of about $25 per day. The fee can change according to the location.

If you want to spend minimum money on car rental, you need to check the fees and restrictions of different car rental companies in your holiday destination. You can also try your corporal account if you have, as some agencies can discharge you from paying underage fees if your company has contracts with them.

In short, being underage for car rental shouldnt prevent you from a lovely, romantic holiday with your lover. Unless youre under 21, you have higher chances for car rental underage. Save your money and choose one of the best destinations we prepared for your romantic trip!